Friday, February 10, 2012

The Coupon Queens Blog No Longer Active

I am sure it has not gone unnoticed that this blog is no longer active, however, I wanted to leave some of its content still available to you all in hopes that it will help others out there who are interested in learning how to coupon. I have left our manual, links and a few select past posts (including my original entry available here) up on this blog. I hope they serve to help you all in your journey into couponing. Please don't forget to check out the links to other coupon websites that are currently active.

I wish you all happy savings!


Stacey (moderator and contributor to The Coupon Queens of HR)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why You Should Save All Receipts

Posted by Stace

When I started couponing, I learned real fast that one should always save all of their receipts--even when they think they won't need them. You just never know when a new rebate or coupon offer will pop up. Case in point, Congra's newest offer which you can view here. Basically, spend $10 in participating products (before coupons and tax which is generally the rule of most offers) and receive $25 in coupons. The Wesson oil I mentioned today at Farm Fresh is included (so you're halfway there already) and I happened to just recently pick up some snack paks and Banquet chicken nuggets which allowed me to reach my goal. Thank goodness I had saved those other receipts!

This month alone, I was able to mail off for $36.49 worth of rebate checks (from companies like Blue Rhino, Valspar, Sure, Schick, Pepsi, and SC Johnson) as well as $125 worth of coupons from Congra and P&G. Not to mention I am halfway done the $20 rebate check back from the Kraft promo.

We will try and list as many rebates and coupon offers as possible so check back often.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stace's Super Double Harris Teeter

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Posted by: Stace

Great deals to be had this week at Super Double Harris Teeter week! Every coupon up to $1.98 in value gets doubled through close on Tuesday.

--Seventh Generation Paper Towels-$2.29. Sale $1.99. Coupon for registering at company website for $1 off. Hit back button and print twice. Final: FREE (did twice)

--Lance 8pack crackers: $2.89. Sale: $2. Coupon for $1 off from company website. Final: Free (did twice)

--8th Continent Soymilk: $2.99. Coupon from here for $1. (can hit back button and do twice) Final: Free (only did once but you can do twice)

--Dentek Floss Picks: $1.99. Coupon from 1/17 SS for $1. Final: Free

--Kotex 22liners: $1.49. Coupon from 1/10 SS for $1.50 off 2. Final: 2 Free packages

--Glade Plug in: $2.19. Coupon for $1.50 off one from 1/24 SS. Final: FREE

--Reynold's Foil 50 foot Recycled: $3.49. Sale: $2.44. Coupon for $1 off one from website. Final: 44 cents, bought two.

--Edy's Ice Cream: $5.99. Sale: $2.97. Coupon for $1. Final: $1

--Bagel Bites: $2.69. Sale: $2. Coupon for $2 from a previous box. Final: FREE

--Kraft Parm Cheese: $3.99. Sale: $3.49. Coupon for $1 printed from online. Final: $1.49, bought two

--Danactive: $2.50. Coupon for $1. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Activia: $2.50. Coupon for $1 from 1/10 SS. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Coffeemate: $2.00. Coupon for $1.50 off two from online. Final: 50 cents, bought two

--Lance 100 calorie packs: $2.99. Sale: $2.50. Coupon for $1 off from website. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Barilla Pasta: $1.50. Sale: Buy 2, get three free. Final: 60 cents, bought five

Final Before:$71.63

Final After: $11.86. I was able to use a $4 register reward from Walgreen's so my total was: $7.86.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Farm Fresh Deals for Stace~2/10/10

Posted by Stace

What a great day shopping at Farm Fresh. It was worth driving out in the snow with a three-year-old. I (basically) paid nothing in the end.

Happy Double Dollar Wednesday!

--Yo Crunch 100 calorie pack yogurt: $2.79. Catalina coupon for free trial. Final: FREE

--Oreos: $3.69. Coupon from Facebook fan page for a free pack-received in the mail from the company. Final: FREE

--Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta: Normal: $1.79. Sale: 99 cents. Coupon from here for $1/2 doubled to $2/2. Final: Free (did this twice so four packages for free)

--Starkist Tuna Pouch: $1.98. Coupon from here for $1 off one. Hit back and print twice. Final: Free (did this twice)

--Quaker True Delights Bars (cereal aisle): Normal: $3.99. Sale: $1.99. Coupon for 75 cents off one from 2/7 RP or 2/14 RP. Final: 49 cents

--Fiber One Plus Bars: Normal: $3.29. Sale: $1.99 (not marked on shelf. on back page of flyer. rings up fine). Coupon for 75 cents off one from 1/31 RP. Final: 49 cents (did twice)

--Del Monte Tomatoes: Normal: $1.59. Sale: 98 cents. Coupon for $1 off 4 from 2/7 RP. Final: 48cents each, bought four (will print a $1 off your next order coupon/catalina from Del Monte)

--Steamfresh Veggies: Normal: $2.19. Sale: 1.69. Coupon for 50 cents/1 from 2/7 SS. Final: 69 cents

--Activia 4 pack yogurt: Normal: $2.99. Sale:$2.49. Coupon for $1 off one from 1/10 or 2/7 SS. Final: 49 cents

Final Before: $39.71

Final After: $4.57

**BUT I had a $2 thank you coupon to use for doing a survey previously so.....

MY FINAL: $2.57 AND I received a $1 thank you on your next order coupon from Del monte AND another $2 off your next trip survey coupon from Farm Fresh. Factor that all in and they just paid ME to shop there today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Farm Fresh Deals for Stace

Posted by Stace

It's another Wednesday which means double dollar coupon day at Farm Fresh. They are also running a promo right now that if you buy $20 of participating items (before coupons), it will print out a $5 coupon to use off the total your next order. I did that as my first transaction and then used the printed coupon on my second transaction for rock bottom prices all around. It's completely worth the trip this week.

--14oz Cheerios: Normal: $4.29. Sale: $1.99. Coupon for $1. Hit back button and print twice. Final: Free (did this twice)

--Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: $2.79. Sale: $1.99. Coupon for $1/2. Hit back button and print twice. Final: 99 cents each. (bought four boxes)

--Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: $2.50. Sale: $1.99. Coupon for $1/2. Hit back button and print twice. Final: 99 cents each (bought four)

--Bisquick 40 oz box: $3.29. Sale: $2.99. Coupon for 60 cents from newspaper. Final: $1.79.

If you buy all of these in one transaction, a $5 off your next order coupon will print out. I also got a (surprise) $2.50 off my next order coupon as a thank you from General Mills.

Final before sales and coupons: $33.03. Final after: $9.71 and I earned $7.50 in coupons which I turned around and used in the transaction below.


--Marcal One Step Toilet Paper: $3.29. Coupon from 1/3/2010 Smartsource. Final: Free (did this twice since I bought an extra newspaper)

--Marcal One Step single roll paper towel: $2.19. Coupon from 1/3/2010 SmartSource. Final: 19 cents (did this twice as well)

--Gogurt: $3.29. Coupon for $1/2 from 1/3/2010. Final: $2.29 each. (bought four)

Final before: $24.12. Final after coupons (including the $7.50 from above): $2.04

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Week for Stace

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Posted by Stace

It's a huge week at Harris Teeter this week! They are running super doubles all week long--any coupon up to $1.98 in value will be worth double. Limit 20 coupons per day. They are also running a few other nice specials on juices and meat. I proved a rumor today that I had heard--Harris Teeter WILL take your register rewards from Walgreen's. It will take money off your total. So if your RR are about to expire, go ahead and use them at Teeter for money off your groceries.

--Coffee Mate Creamer-normal: $2. Coupon for $1 off one. Final: Free. Coupon for $1.50/2. Final: 50 cents (bought two)

--Ore Ida Easy Fries: $1.45. Coupon for $1.50/2. Final: Free (bought two)

--Chinet 40 count beverage napkins: 99 cents. Coupon from SmartSource 1/3/2010 for $1. Final: Free

--Dawn Direct Foam: $2.99. Coupon for $1.50 from savings at home booklet=Free

--Ivory 3 pack soap: $1.45. Coupon for $1 from PG 12/27. Final: Free

--Lysol Wipes (35 count):Normal: $3.19. Sale $2. Coupon for $1 from SmartSource 1/3/2010. Final: Free (did it twice since I bought an extra newspaper)

--Wet Ones: $2.89. Coupon for $1.50. (hit back button and print twice) Final: Free (did it twice)

--Lip Smackers: $1.99. Coupon for $1. Final: Free

--Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp: $4.19. BOGO. $2.09 each. Buy one box. Coupon for $1 in Smart Source 11/1/2009. Final: 9 cents

--Organic Valley Whipping Cream: $2.19. Coupon for $1. Final: 19 cents

--Band Aid Bandages (80 count): $3.29. Sale $2.50. Coupon for $1 from SmartSource 1/3/2010. Final: 50 cents

--Bagel Bites: $2.69. Coupon for $1. (bit back button and print twice) Final: 69 cents each (did this twice)

--Kraft 2% shredded Cheese: $3.29. BOGO. $1.64 each. Coupon for $1/2. Final: 64cents each (did this twice)

--Northland Juice: $3.89. Buy two, get three free. Coupon for $1/2. Final: $1.10 a piece (bought 5)

--Cheez Its Family Size: $5.99. Sale: $3.49. Coupon for $1/2 from Red Plum 12/13/2009. Final: $2.50 each (bought two)

--( not pictured) Harris Teeter Chicken Breasts: Normal: around $9 a pack. Sale: Buy one, get two free. Final: around $3 a pack (each pack will be 1/3 of the sticker price)

**Before sales and coupons: $108.94

**After (including $2 RR from Walgreen's): $15.12

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walgreen's For Stace~12/16/2009

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Posted by Stace

If you need to stock up on some paper towels and toilet paper, now is the time at Walgreen's. And hey throw in some free Olay lotion that you'll get paid $10 to buy because hey, why not, right?

Alrighty then. Transaction One:

--Olay Ribbons Body Wash-10oz:$5.29

--Olay 20 oz Quench Body Lotion:$9.99
*P&G 11/29 coupon for buy one Olay body wash and get one Olay lotion
*Fill out the Olay mail in rebate form here and get $9.99 back(yes this means, in the end, you will actually get paid about $10 just for picking up this item)

--Viva 6 pack Paper Towels: $6.99
*in store coupon for $2 off (available at the front by the store flyers)
*printable $2 manufacturer coupon (this offer may work but I make no promises)

I did this item twice. The in store coupon will automatically ring up $2 off twice with just one coupon scanned. I had two printable manufacturer coupons from a friend. So that made each 6 pack only $2.99. If you do not have the printable coupon, it'll be $4.99 per 6 pack. Still not too bad.

**Final before coupons: $29.26. Right now at Walgreen's, if you spend $25 *before* coupons and register rebates, you will receive a $5 register rebate that will print after the transaction is complete.

Final after coupons: $11.27 and I earned that $5 register rebate for spending over $25 before coupons. BUT Don't forget, I'll be getting the $9.99 Olay rebate refund in the mail as well. So really, I only spent $1.28 for all of it.

Second Transaction:

--Angel Soft 9 pack toilet paper: $4.00. Bought two.

*In the store flyer, there is a 2 packs for $7 coupon so each will be $3.50. Print a 50 cent coupon from the company website here. Then I used my $5 RR earned in the first transaction. Yes, you can use these three coupons with only two items. It will work.

--I ended up with 18 rolls of toilet paper for $1.50.

**In the end? I was able to buy over $37 worth of items for $4 and some change.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples for Stacey--11/5/2009

(click to enlarge)

Posted by Stace

One last time. I swear. Tonight was my final trip to Harris Teeter. Man, I love me some triple coupon weeks.

It wasn't my best total but I was once again buying a few items for hosting Thanksgiving so it wasn't too bad either. $16.69 for $4.26.

I did not include these in my totals since I didn't use coupons, but they are having a decent sale on sugar, eggs and bacon-items that are sometimes hard to get for rock bottom prices. Their sugar bags are 99 cents, eggs are 99 cents and bacon for $1.97. Unfortunately, these sales are due to end tonight. Don't forget to sign up for your evic online at the Harris Teeter website. Each week they will have one item for a rock bottom price that you can get just by swiping your VIC card. Head's up though, when you sign up, it won't become effective until the following week.

Another sidenote-they finally had the 40oz BOGO Skippy back in stock (I had received a raincheck on it earlier in the week which would allow me to purchase it at a later date for the BOGO 1/2 price). It was in a far away display from the actual peanut butter area tonight, but I have found H.T. likes to hide things on us sometimes. It is normally $6.99 but was on sale for $2.99 this week. However, I had a $2 register printed coupon from Bloom and they honored it so I paid 99 cents. That is not included in tonight's total, however, because I already included it earlier last week when I had received my raincheck. The good thing about them having it in stock before the sale ended at midnight tonight? I was able to save my raincheck to use at a later date-it never expires--so that I will be able to work some magic w/ another coupon again at a later date.


--Starkist Pouch Tuna: $1.59. Sale $1.25. Coupon printed from online for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: FREE

--Mueller Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Box of Pasta: $1.79. Coupon printed from online for 55 cents tripled to $1.65. Final: 14 cents

--Dawn 24 oz Pure Essentials Dish Soap: $2.99. Sale $1.99. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 49 cents

--Heluva Good French Onion Dip: $2.15. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 65 cents

--Heluva Good Block Cheese: $2.49. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 99 cents (did this twice since I had two coupons)

--Bridgford 24 ct Frozen Rolls: $3.19. Sale $2.50 Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: $1

Friday, November 6, 2009

This Is What 68 Cents Will Buy You

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Posted by Stace

I did my last Harris Teeter triples stop today. Due to the kindness of a friend, I received two extra Red Plums so I took just the coupons for dirt cheap items and worked the coupon magic. How can you get extra coupon fliers other than beg family and friends? Ask your mailman to drop any extras at your house. They are, apparently, quite happy to unload the extras they have in their trucks.

The grand total was supposed to be $24.74. What did I pay? 68 cents. That's a savings a little over 97%! My best shopping trip to date.

Now honestly, by my calculations, it should have been close to $1.20 but for whatever reason, the computer gave me the overage on the brownies. It shouldn't have, but it did. The brownies were on sale for 94 cents a piece and my 40 cent coupon would have been worth $1.20. The computer should have adjusted for that 26 cents but didn't. I just looked back at yesterday's receipt when I had bought a box and it did the same thing yesterday. Apparently this is a money maker item! It shouldn't be but hey, let's not question it, shall we?

Here is the grand total breakdown:

--Pillsbury Brownie Mix: $1.89. Sale 94 cents. Coupon for 40 cents tripled to $1.20. Computer gave me the 26 cents overage . Did this twice. Final: Bought two boxes and I got paid 52 cents.

--Martha White Muffins: $1.18. Sale BOGO. Coupon for 55 cents/2 tripled to $1.65. Final: 2 packages for FREE (did this twice--four packages for free)

--Frank's Red Hot: $1.29. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: FREE

--Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice: $2.29. Coupon for 75 cents tripled $2.25. Final: 4 cents did it twice over.

--French's Mustard: Normal $1.55. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 5 cents

--Crisco 32oz Oil: Regular: $4.39 Sale BOGO. Coupon for 55 cents tripled to $1.65. Final: 55 cents (done twice)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Beginning Rules of Couponing

Posted by: Stace

You may be sitting there right now with your coupons and your coffee and be thinking, "Where the heck do I start?!" Fear not, we are here to help! We have created this blog for several reasons. One, hopefully to inspire everyone out there to begin saving in their own lives. Two, to show just how easy couponing truly is. "If I can do it, anyone can." And three, to show not what deals "should" work like most other local coupon websites, but rather to show what did work and where and how to do it yourself.

Let's begin.

Basically the key to bottom dollar deals is to match up huge store sales (like BOGOS-buy one item, get one for free) with coupons you have. Pick two to three of your local stores to begin watching. My personal favorites for my location are Farm Fresh, Harris Teeter and Bloom. Each of these stores sends me their flyers in the Wednesday paper but I can also easily stop in and grab one from their entrance when I am out and about on other errands. I like Farm Fresh because they double up to $1 every Wednesday meaning a $1 coupon is worth $2. As for Harris Teeter, I find their prices to be marked up quite a bit but they sometimes run some great deals for people who sign up for their "evic" deal online and when they are running super doubles or triple coupon week, some great deals can be found. Lastly, Bloom--their prices are generally the lowest overall but I watch them mainly because sometimes they run a super doubles (up to, for example, $1.99) for a week at a time.

Some basic rules to keep in mind while shopping:

--BOGO. Head's up, you do not always have to buy two items to get the sale price; check with your store to be sure. At Harris Teeter, for example, uou can buy one and get it at half price. Do that and match it with a doubled or tripled coupon and you are getting stuff for under $1 or free. Another rule..2/$4 or 2/$5. Again you do not have to buy the specified amount. Buy one and it'll ring up for $2 or $2.50

--Always know coupon policies. Farm Fresh only lets you do two like items. Bloom has no limit it seems. Harris Teeter allows three like items. Also know most stores will not give you overage normally. Meaning if something is $2 but your doubled coupon is $3, they would not give you the leftover $1. Coupon policies for your favorite stores can normally be found online.

--Separate transactions. YES, all stores let you do separate transactions. An example: Farm Fresh will run promos sometimes like "buy 5 General Mills, get $3 off instantly for next store visit". If these deals will work for your family, go ahead and buy all your promotional items first then get your $3 coupon and use it immediately on your next line of items. Just make sure you ask the cashier if he minds prior to checking out.

--Enlist the help of local websites. I am getting much better at match ups on my own, but it is very time consuming so I cheat and use SouthSavers or TheCouponConsultant and they do the work for me alot of the time. And obviously once we all actually complete our trips, we will be sharing with our readers where to go and how to do it as well.

--Printing coupons. I admit it, I am not a huge fan of printing coupons. I have done it several times lately only if the item was really worth it, because otherwise I find myself having to refill or buy a new cartridge and it begins to be counter productive to my saving. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it IS ok to print in black and white ink. Don't waste your color. Most stores will take them but you may want to check with your favorites before printing. A local store of mine just stopped taking internet coupons.

--Know your estimated total. Before check out, make sure you have an estimated total in your head so that if the total at check out is drastically different, you will know a mistake was made. I typically know the total for my shopping list items before heading to the store then just add on any extras I may find while shopping.

--Charity. Ok, so you find that with matching coupons and sale items with rebates and stacking coupons, you can get 20 cans of soup for 50 cents. Good for you. Now, what are you going to do with 20 cans of soup? Or what are you going to do with those 10 bottles of baby wash you paid 75 cents for? And you'd really rather use your bathtub for baths and not for hoarding TP rolls and paper towels. The answer? Donate it. If you find you have a surplus of items or you can get a free item but question if you'll use it, remember your local churches, shelters and food banks. It's a great way to give back to the community even if times are a little tight.

--Have Fun. Don't let saving consume your life. It is addictive at first. I fully admit that. How can it not be when you stand at the register and see your original $35 total go crashing down to $5.00? But remember, as important as saving is, so is living. I normally limit myself to one day a week during which I indulge in my couponing hobby. I still have a young child at home and I don't want her memories of her youth to be the insides of various food stores.