Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walgreen's For Stace~12/16/2009

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Posted by Stace

If you need to stock up on some paper towels and toilet paper, now is the time at Walgreen's. And hey throw in some free Olay lotion that you'll get paid $10 to buy because hey, why not, right?

Alrighty then. Transaction One:

--Olay Ribbons Body Wash-10oz:$5.29

--Olay 20 oz Quench Body Lotion:$9.99
*P&G 11/29 coupon for buy one Olay body wash and get one Olay lotion
*Fill out the Olay mail in rebate form here and get $9.99 back(yes this means, in the end, you will actually get paid about $10 just for picking up this item)

--Viva 6 pack Paper Towels: $6.99
*in store coupon for $2 off (available at the front by the store flyers)
*printable $2 manufacturer coupon (this offer may work but I make no promises)

I did this item twice. The in store coupon will automatically ring up $2 off twice with just one coupon scanned. I had two printable manufacturer coupons from a friend. So that made each 6 pack only $2.99. If you do not have the printable coupon, it'll be $4.99 per 6 pack. Still not too bad.

**Final before coupons: $29.26. Right now at Walgreen's, if you spend $25 *before* coupons and register rebates, you will receive a $5 register rebate that will print after the transaction is complete.

Final after coupons: $11.27 and I earned that $5 register rebate for spending over $25 before coupons. BUT Don't forget, I'll be getting the $9.99 Olay rebate refund in the mail as well. So really, I only spent $1.28 for all of it.

Second Transaction:

--Angel Soft 9 pack toilet paper: $4.00. Bought two.

*In the store flyer, there is a 2 packs for $7 coupon so each will be $3.50. Print a 50 cent coupon from the company website here. Then I used my $5 RR earned in the first transaction. Yes, you can use these three coupons with only two items. It will work.

--I ended up with 18 rolls of toilet paper for $1.50.

**In the end? I was able to buy over $37 worth of items for $4 and some change.