Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stace's Super Double Harris Teeter

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Posted by: Stace

Great deals to be had this week at Super Double Harris Teeter week! Every coupon up to $1.98 in value gets doubled through close on Tuesday.

--Seventh Generation Paper Towels-$2.29. Sale $1.99. Coupon for registering at company website for $1 off. Hit back button and print twice. Final: FREE (did twice)

--Lance 8pack crackers: $2.89. Sale: $2. Coupon for $1 off from company website. Final: Free (did twice)

--8th Continent Soymilk: $2.99. Coupon from here for $1. (can hit back button and do twice) Final: Free (only did once but you can do twice)

--Dentek Floss Picks: $1.99. Coupon from 1/17 SS for $1. Final: Free

--Kotex 22liners: $1.49. Coupon from 1/10 SS for $1.50 off 2. Final: 2 Free packages

--Glade Plug in: $2.19. Coupon for $1.50 off one from 1/24 SS. Final: FREE

--Reynold's Foil 50 foot Recycled: $3.49. Sale: $2.44. Coupon for $1 off one from website. Final: 44 cents, bought two.

--Edy's Ice Cream: $5.99. Sale: $2.97. Coupon for $1. Final: $1

--Bagel Bites: $2.69. Sale: $2. Coupon for $2 from a previous box. Final: FREE

--Kraft Parm Cheese: $3.99. Sale: $3.49. Coupon for $1 printed from online. Final: $1.49, bought two

--Danactive: $2.50. Coupon for $1. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Activia: $2.50. Coupon for $1 from 1/10 SS. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Coffeemate: $2.00. Coupon for $1.50 off two from online. Final: 50 cents, bought two

--Lance 100 calorie packs: $2.99. Sale: $2.50. Coupon for $1 off from website. Final: 50 cents, bought two.

--Barilla Pasta: $1.50. Sale: Buy 2, get three free. Final: 60 cents, bought five

Final Before:$71.63

Final After: $11.86. I was able to use a $4 register reward from Walgreen's so my total was: $7.86.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Farm Fresh Deals for Stace~2/10/10

Posted by Stace

What a great day shopping at Farm Fresh. It was worth driving out in the snow with a three-year-old. I (basically) paid nothing in the end.

Happy Double Dollar Wednesday!

--Yo Crunch 100 calorie pack yogurt: $2.79. Catalina coupon for free trial. Final: FREE

--Oreos: $3.69. Coupon from Facebook fan page for a free pack-received in the mail from the company. Final: FREE

--Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta: Normal: $1.79. Sale: 99 cents. Coupon from here for $1/2 doubled to $2/2. Final: Free (did this twice so four packages for free)

--Starkist Tuna Pouch: $1.98. Coupon from here for $1 off one. Hit back and print twice. Final: Free (did this twice)

--Quaker True Delights Bars (cereal aisle): Normal: $3.99. Sale: $1.99. Coupon for 75 cents off one from 2/7 RP or 2/14 RP. Final: 49 cents

--Fiber One Plus Bars: Normal: $3.29. Sale: $1.99 (not marked on shelf. on back page of flyer. rings up fine). Coupon for 75 cents off one from 1/31 RP. Final: 49 cents (did twice)

--Del Monte Tomatoes: Normal: $1.59. Sale: 98 cents. Coupon for $1 off 4 from 2/7 RP. Final: 48cents each, bought four (will print a $1 off your next order coupon/catalina from Del Monte)

--Steamfresh Veggies: Normal: $2.19. Sale: 1.69. Coupon for 50 cents/1 from 2/7 SS. Final: 69 cents

--Activia 4 pack yogurt: Normal: $2.99. Sale:$2.49. Coupon for $1 off one from 1/10 or 2/7 SS. Final: 49 cents

Final Before: $39.71

Final After: $4.57

**BUT I had a $2 thank you coupon to use for doing a survey previously so.....

MY FINAL: $2.57 AND I received a $1 thank you on your next order coupon from Del monte AND another $2 off your next trip survey coupon from Farm Fresh. Factor that all in and they just paid ME to shop there today.