Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples for Stacey--11/5/2009

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Posted by Stace

One last time. I swear. Tonight was my final trip to Harris Teeter. Man, I love me some triple coupon weeks.

It wasn't my best total but I was once again buying a few items for hosting Thanksgiving so it wasn't too bad either. $16.69 for $4.26.

I did not include these in my totals since I didn't use coupons, but they are having a decent sale on sugar, eggs and bacon-items that are sometimes hard to get for rock bottom prices. Their sugar bags are 99 cents, eggs are 99 cents and bacon for $1.97. Unfortunately, these sales are due to end tonight. Don't forget to sign up for your evic online at the Harris Teeter website. Each week they will have one item for a rock bottom price that you can get just by swiping your VIC card. Head's up though, when you sign up, it won't become effective until the following week.

Another sidenote-they finally had the 40oz BOGO Skippy back in stock (I had received a raincheck on it earlier in the week which would allow me to purchase it at a later date for the BOGO 1/2 price). It was in a far away display from the actual peanut butter area tonight, but I have found H.T. likes to hide things on us sometimes. It is normally $6.99 but was on sale for $2.99 this week. However, I had a $2 register printed coupon from Bloom and they honored it so I paid 99 cents. That is not included in tonight's total, however, because I already included it earlier last week when I had received my raincheck. The good thing about them having it in stock before the sale ended at midnight tonight? I was able to save my raincheck to use at a later date-it never expires--so that I will be able to work some magic w/ another coupon again at a later date.


--Starkist Pouch Tuna: $1.59. Sale $1.25. Coupon printed from online for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: FREE

--Mueller Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Box of Pasta: $1.79. Coupon printed from online for 55 cents tripled to $1.65. Final: 14 cents

--Dawn 24 oz Pure Essentials Dish Soap: $2.99. Sale $1.99. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 49 cents

--Heluva Good French Onion Dip: $2.15. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 65 cents

--Heluva Good Block Cheese: $2.49. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 99 cents (did this twice since I had two coupons)

--Bridgford 24 ct Frozen Rolls: $3.19. Sale $2.50 Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: $1

Friday, November 6, 2009

This Is What 68 Cents Will Buy You

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Posted by Stace

I did my last Harris Teeter triples stop today. Due to the kindness of a friend, I received two extra Red Plums so I took just the coupons for dirt cheap items and worked the coupon magic. How can you get extra coupon fliers other than beg family and friends? Ask your mailman to drop any extras at your house. They are, apparently, quite happy to unload the extras they have in their trucks.

The grand total was supposed to be $24.74. What did I pay? 68 cents. That's a savings a little over 97%! My best shopping trip to date.

Now honestly, by my calculations, it should have been close to $1.20 but for whatever reason, the computer gave me the overage on the brownies. It shouldn't have, but it did. The brownies were on sale for 94 cents a piece and my 40 cent coupon would have been worth $1.20. The computer should have adjusted for that 26 cents but didn't. I just looked back at yesterday's receipt when I had bought a box and it did the same thing yesterday. Apparently this is a money maker item! It shouldn't be but hey, let's not question it, shall we?

Here is the grand total breakdown:

--Pillsbury Brownie Mix: $1.89. Sale 94 cents. Coupon for 40 cents tripled to $1.20. Computer gave me the 26 cents overage . Did this twice. Final: Bought two boxes and I got paid 52 cents.

--Martha White Muffins: $1.18. Sale BOGO. Coupon for 55 cents/2 tripled to $1.65. Final: 2 packages for FREE (did this twice--four packages for free)

--Frank's Red Hot: $1.29. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: FREE

--Uncle Ben's Long Grain Rice: $2.29. Coupon for 75 cents tripled $2.25. Final: 4 cents did it twice over.

--French's Mustard: Normal $1.55. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 5 cents

--Crisco 32oz Oil: Regular: $4.39 Sale BOGO. Coupon for 55 cents tripled to $1.65. Final: 55 cents (done twice)