Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples for Stacey--11/5/2009

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Posted by Stace

One last time. I swear. Tonight was my final trip to Harris Teeter. Man, I love me some triple coupon weeks.

It wasn't my best total but I was once again buying a few items for hosting Thanksgiving so it wasn't too bad either. $16.69 for $4.26.

I did not include these in my totals since I didn't use coupons, but they are having a decent sale on sugar, eggs and bacon-items that are sometimes hard to get for rock bottom prices. Their sugar bags are 99 cents, eggs are 99 cents and bacon for $1.97. Unfortunately, these sales are due to end tonight. Don't forget to sign up for your evic online at the Harris Teeter website. Each week they will have one item for a rock bottom price that you can get just by swiping your VIC card. Head's up though, when you sign up, it won't become effective until the following week.

Another sidenote-they finally had the 40oz BOGO Skippy back in stock (I had received a raincheck on it earlier in the week which would allow me to purchase it at a later date for the BOGO 1/2 price). It was in a far away display from the actual peanut butter area tonight, but I have found H.T. likes to hide things on us sometimes. It is normally $6.99 but was on sale for $2.99 this week. However, I had a $2 register printed coupon from Bloom and they honored it so I paid 99 cents. That is not included in tonight's total, however, because I already included it earlier last week when I had received my raincheck. The good thing about them having it in stock before the sale ended at midnight tonight? I was able to save my raincheck to use at a later date-it never expires--so that I will be able to work some magic w/ another coupon again at a later date.


--Starkist Pouch Tuna: $1.59. Sale $1.25. Coupon printed from online for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: FREE

--Mueller Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Box of Pasta: $1.79. Coupon printed from online for 55 cents tripled to $1.65. Final: 14 cents

--Dawn 24 oz Pure Essentials Dish Soap: $2.99. Sale $1.99. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 49 cents

--Heluva Good French Onion Dip: $2.15. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 65 cents

--Heluva Good Block Cheese: $2.49. Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: 99 cents (did this twice since I had two coupons)

--Bridgford 24 ct Frozen Rolls: $3.19. Sale $2.50 Coupon for 50 cents tripled to $1.50. Final: $1