Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Week for Stace

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Posted by Stace

It's a huge week at Harris Teeter this week! They are running super doubles all week long--any coupon up to $1.98 in value will be worth double. Limit 20 coupons per day. They are also running a few other nice specials on juices and meat. I proved a rumor today that I had heard--Harris Teeter WILL take your register rewards from Walgreen's. It will take money off your total. So if your RR are about to expire, go ahead and use them at Teeter for money off your groceries.

--Coffee Mate Creamer-normal: $2. Coupon for $1 off one. Final: Free. Coupon for $1.50/2. Final: 50 cents (bought two)

--Ore Ida Easy Fries: $1.45. Coupon for $1.50/2. Final: Free (bought two)

--Chinet 40 count beverage napkins: 99 cents. Coupon from SmartSource 1/3/2010 for $1. Final: Free

--Dawn Direct Foam: $2.99. Coupon for $1.50 from savings at home booklet=Free

--Ivory 3 pack soap: $1.45. Coupon for $1 from PG 12/27. Final: Free

--Lysol Wipes (35 count):Normal: $3.19. Sale $2. Coupon for $1 from SmartSource 1/3/2010. Final: Free (did it twice since I bought an extra newspaper)

--Wet Ones: $2.89. Coupon for $1.50. (hit back button and print twice) Final: Free (did it twice)

--Lip Smackers: $1.99. Coupon for $1. Final: Free

--Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp: $4.19. BOGO. $2.09 each. Buy one box. Coupon for $1 in Smart Source 11/1/2009. Final: 9 cents

--Organic Valley Whipping Cream: $2.19. Coupon for $1. Final: 19 cents

--Band Aid Bandages (80 count): $3.29. Sale $2.50. Coupon for $1 from SmartSource 1/3/2010. Final: 50 cents

--Bagel Bites: $2.69. Coupon for $1. (bit back button and print twice) Final: 69 cents each (did this twice)

--Kraft 2% shredded Cheese: $3.29. BOGO. $1.64 each. Coupon for $1/2. Final: 64cents each (did this twice)

--Northland Juice: $3.89. Buy two, get three free. Coupon for $1/2. Final: $1.10 a piece (bought 5)

--Cheez Its Family Size: $5.99. Sale: $3.49. Coupon for $1/2 from Red Plum 12/13/2009. Final: $2.50 each (bought two)

--( not pictured) Harris Teeter Chicken Breasts: Normal: around $9 a pack. Sale: Buy one, get two free. Final: around $3 a pack (each pack will be 1/3 of the sticker price)

**Before sales and coupons: $108.94

**After (including $2 RR from Walgreen's): $15.12