Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why You Should Save All Receipts

Posted by Stace

When I started couponing, I learned real fast that one should always save all of their receipts--even when they think they won't need them. You just never know when a new rebate or coupon offer will pop up. Case in point, Congra's newest offer which you can view here. Basically, spend $10 in participating products (before coupons and tax which is generally the rule of most offers) and receive $25 in coupons. The Wesson oil I mentioned today at Farm Fresh is included (so you're halfway there already) and I happened to just recently pick up some snack paks and Banquet chicken nuggets which allowed me to reach my goal. Thank goodness I had saved those other receipts!

This month alone, I was able to mail off for $36.49 worth of rebate checks (from companies like Blue Rhino, Valspar, Sure, Schick, Pepsi, and SC Johnson) as well as $125 worth of coupons from Congra and P&G. Not to mention I am halfway done the $20 rebate check back from the Kraft promo.

We will try and list as many rebates and coupon offers as possible so check back often.